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Newton Apple - The Next Generation of Christian Dance Music - Also at:


The absolute latest news is that most of the tracks have been recorded/compiled using ejay and Cubase VST 5. Vocals have also been added by Rachel Cadby. More info now available at www.newtonapple.co.uk

Archive News: 7th October 2000
www.newtonapple.co.uk goes online after a lot of hard work, some prayer and a devine appointment with a man who recommended a very good book on HTML 4. Go to the links page for a short cut.

3rd October 2000:
Dance Before The King, the winning track judged by Carl Cox will soon be online for downloading FREE from www.newtonapple.co.uk. More details soon!

Archive News 23rd July 2000:

Newton Apple track Dance Before The King out now on CD-Rom with August 2000 issue of ejay magazine!!!

Newton Apple wins national DJ competition with Dance Before The King - a track devoted to and inspired by Jesus Christ.

On the 31st anniversary of the lunar landings (20th July 2000), DJ Kev F made a huge leap in his music career. Dance Before The King was released nationwide all over the UK on a CD-Rom which comes free with ejay magazine. In the mag itself, Kev explains very clearly that the track is devoted to Jesus Christ. In his interview with the magazine, he talks about his music, his life and most importantly of all, his faith in Jesus.

DJ Kev F long ago stopped buying secular dance music, except maybe the odd single. He soon came to realise that if he was going to listen to the sort of dance music he wanted to hear, he would have to create it himself.

Dance Before The King was compiled in March-April this year, in time for Kev's brother's birthday. When he read about the competition, he thought he'd give it a go. First of all, the track had to be shortened to last no more than 5 minutes. Then he spent most of a Saturday polishing it up until it was ready and submitted on CD. It won and is out now with the August 2000 edition of ejay magazine.